Trish and Jules
                       — our story of the Woodsprite

It seems so long ago...

The Cadie family were camping in the South of France in the 1980s and visited a riverside bar for lunchtime refreshment - when this trailer arrived with a wood-fired oven, and two madamoiselles started making pizzas to order. The aroma was irresistible, and the reward for the exchange of French Francs was just a delightful gastronomical experience.

Returning home, Jules set about making his first outdoor oven (long before the Internet, so with no obvious place to research the technique). The oven morphed into yet another useless barbeque, unfit for the North Northumberland climate.

Getting it right...
Undaunted, the family eventually moved to the Midlands, and the next attempt at building an oven was a success. Many parties and many pizzas later, Trish and Jules felt they were accomplished pizza cooks, developing their own style, although always ready to learn more.
From teacher to kneader...
In the summer of 2013, Trish retired from teaching. Now, together with Jules, they could fulfil an ambition to work with a wood-fired oven to make a range of pizza, pitta, other flatbreads and hearth-breads.
Out of Tuscany...
They chose a model of trailer from a designer based in Constable Country near Colchester, who imports traditional brick-built ovens from an experienced craftsman in Tuscany. The result is the Woodsprite, described by one customer as "gastro-theatre-on-wheels". Although it's a traditional Italian oven, Jules and Trish don't pretend to be making traditional Italian pizza — they fuse flavours and techniques from all around the Mediterranean with local ingredients such as cheeses, flours and even yeast from a local brewery.
Our ambition...

It's no accident that this website's suffix is ".org.uk". Jules & Trish hope to bring people together and develop different skills around the whole notion of using wood, sustainable energy and simple ingredients to create social occasions for play, recreation and sustenance.

If YOU would like to be part of this ambition, please get in touch.

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